Stop Preaching Reason #8

This is one part of a much longer series of posts in an attempt to convince Pastors and other church leaders to be intentional about having multiple men serve as preachers in your church. And yes, I even mean the little churches that can’t afford to pay a full-time pastoral preaching team too. To start at the beginning, click here.

Reason #8: Because I Need To Be Preached To

I am not Superman. Neither are you. And the assumption that God has nothing to reveal to me through the preaching of another is one of the most arrogant things I can think of.

While it is true that He speaks to us primarily through our own personal bible reading and devotional lives, you would not accept that excuse from your church member. You would not stand there and allow them to tell you that they don’t need the consistent preaching of the church over and through their lives because they read their bible faithfully at home. You would lovingly and rightly accuse them of pride. You would lovingly and rightly point out an unteachable spirit in them. Not because your sermons are more important than their personal devotion, but because they are designed by God to compliment each other. You want good for them and you would pursue them.

Brother Pastor, you are not Superman. Your personal devotion is one of the most important things in your life. In the healthiest situations, it is the well that you draw your own teaching ministry from. But just like every other sheep, you need to preached to. You need the gospel proclaimed to you and over you.

When preaching is done best, that’s exactly what it is. It’s a proclamation of the gospel and the goodness of Jesus over and above every corner of your life. When God is using you most powerfully, you are weekly walking your people through the beauty, and the sufficiency, and the provision of God in their lives. It’s in those moments that He makes you the greatest blessing to your church.

Do you think God wants the same good things for you? Do you think He loves and provides for you as a person and not just as a pastor? But we fall so easily into that rut. We fall into thinking that it’s all up to us. But you know the bible well enough to know that He never works that way.

We have spent 8 posts now arguing for the beauty and the goodness of raising up other preachers in your church. We’ve talked about the church health that comes with trusting the sufficiency of the bible over the preacher and providing multiple voices to proclaim it. We’ve talked about the church health that comes when other leaders are given opportunities to step into responsibility. But raising up other men to preach in our churches also reveals God’s provision for our own spiritual health.

I need to be preached to. I need the gospel proclaimed over me. I need to be walked through a text by someone who has spent time prayerfully preparing to do so.

I’m not Superman and neither are you.

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