Stop Preaching Every Week

The primary component of our church’s worship gathering is the sermon. That doesn’t mean that the other things we do are not important,  just…. less. I’m passionate that the proclamation of God’s Word be done well. The gathered church and the visiting lost both need to hear the gospel with clarity. They both need to hear that Jesus is One Who heals, and gives rest, and makes satisfaction for their sin. Preaching on a Sunday morning is more important to us than anything else we do when we get together.

And that’s precisely the reason why I’m intentionally off the stage once a month.

We have someone other than myself preach once a month by design. It’s not because we’re a large church. We don’t have multiple services or a preaching team. We don’t even have anyone else on the full-time payroll. It’s not because I can’t preach every week or don’t want to preach every week. Nothing gives me more joy than celebrating and explaining God’s word. We don’t operate this way because I serve a church with an especially large pool of God given preaching talent.

None of those reasons come close to why we do this. But it is something that we have spent a lot of time thinking through. We have a few reasons why we choose to approach the preaching ministry of our church this way.

So, I want to spend a series of posts explaining why. Here are my:

8 Reasons Why I Don’t Preach Every Week.


1)  Because Our Church Will Not Be Built Around My Preaching Ability. It Will Be Built Around The Proclamation Of God’s Word

2)  Because God is able and willing to speak through the preaching of someone else

3) Because our church needs to hear God’s word expounded from different voices

4) Because we want to grow the leaders we have

5) Because we want new leaders to aspire to serve

6) Because it creates rhythms of rest for me

7) Because It Creates Opportunities To Serve The Broader Church.

8) Because I Need To Be Preached To


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