Pastors & Missions Reason #5

This post is the 5th entry in a 10 part series on Why I think Pastors should be Personally Involved in International Missions. It’s written specifically to Pastors but the principles apply to all leaders in the church. To start at the beginning, click here.

Reason #5: “Because your church needs to see that there’s a bigger Kingdom at stake”

Pastor, I’m certain— long before I even ask— that you’re a busy guy. You’ve got a thousand things on your plate. And you’ve got more plates than you can count. You spend untold hours preparing for sermons and bible studies (probably not as many hours as you would prefer). You council for every little detail in people’s lives (even though you already counseled them last week). You lead a ton of important meetings and you attend a ton of other ones that don’t seem to have any discernible purpose because, you know… “Ex Officio” and all. You’re passionate about your community and so you’ve involved yourself in local and civic programs. And that doesn’t even begin to address the time demands of your family.

By God’s grace, He has kept your head above the water. Pastors spend their entire careers being tugged upon in every direction, and even though it’s exhausting, we adore it. And at the risk of adding something else to your plate, I want to press. And the reason for that is because all of those gloriously busy things are still about serving and building up your local context.

Every one of them is worthy of your time and your attention, but every one of them ends with you pouring into your little corner of the Kingdom. You may champion the cause of larger Kingdom work from the pulpit. You may recruit and equip and send others from your church to be a part of broader efforts— But every pastor knows that, regardless of what comes out of our mouths, it’s the actions we make time for that communicate what it is we really value. You’ve preached that very truth.

Brother pastor, your church needs to see that broader Kingdom work is of schedule-shaping priority to you. They need to see you count some other (still very important) things as less valuable than missions. They need to learn, by your example, that their schedules (which are also busy with good things) are to revolve around the kind of work that doesn’t end on them.

Don’t just talk about your church’s missions efforts, get on the plane and go with them. Don’t just recruit other people to be Kingdom agents, be one yourself. Show them how. Because if you don’t, they won’t.

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