My Top 10 Reasons Why Pastors Should Be Personally Involved In International Missions

I believe the call to missions is for the entire church.

Some are called to go and never come back. Some are called to go for shorter periods of time and then return. Some are called to go for brief periods and be helpful to those who do ministry full time.*  Many are called to play major rolls in sending others— whether that be financially, prayerfully, or structurally. The entire church has a role to play.

I also believe that one of the reasons churches send so few people out of their doors for the cause of the gospel is because missions is nothing more than a secondary thought in the mind of most pastors. If the culture of a church really is shaped by what is celebrated from the stage, what would happen if a pastor became the loudest champion for taking the gospel to the nations?

It’s my hope that pastors everywhere live and breathe the glory of God among every tribe and every tongue. And because the purpose of my writing is to be helpful to the church, I want to give you my “Top 10 Reasons Why Pastors Should Be Personally Involved In International Missions”.

My hope is to excite some things in your heart. My expectation is that I haven’t earned your trust to keep you reading for 10 entries. So I’m going to start with #1 and we’ll see how far any of us make it.

(*Blog posts to come about the difference between missions worth being involved in versus missions as sightseeing)


Reason #1: Because God Deserves To Receive Glory From All Peoples

Reason #2: Because It Is A Fountain For Your Own Joy

Reason #3: Because Jesus Said So

Reason #4: Because Our Brothers And Sisters Need Help

Reason #5: Because Your Church Needs To See That There’s A Bigger Kingdom At Stake

Reason #6: Because you need to create vacuums for new leaders to take responsibility

Reason #7: Because you need to witness what other culture’s churches do better than yours

Reason #8: “Because it will educate you concerning what’s actually going on in the world of missions”

Reason #9: Because God will use it to shape you.

Reason #10:



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