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What I’m Reading in November & Why

Here’s What I’m Reading In November And Why

I have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to buying books. I wish I could say that I’m always tracing sources through other books I’m reading and picking up primaries but the reality is that I usually exhaust my budget by buying a lot of the interesting books I see my friends reading. Case in point:




The Wrath & Grace Biographies by Luke Walker:

One of my old ministry buddies shared a picture on Facebook of one of these little booklets, and it looked so cool that I picked up the whole set. They’re short. They easy to read. And they’re also really good. If you want to put some accessible church history in the hands of your people, consider these little gems. I read two of them last night during a baseball game. I’ll knock out the other 3 before the weekend is over. If Mr. Walker decides to write any more, he’ll get my business.



Meet Martin Luther by Anthony Selvaggio:

If Christian Audio is going to offer me a free book on Reformation Day, I’m going to click “Download”




The Holiness Of God by RC Sproul: 

This is our November entry for NBC’s Annual Reading List. I load this list primarily with things I know well and want my folks to read. Reading it again along with them won’t be so terrible.




Truth To Tell by Leslie Newbegin:

This is my “Missions” book for the month. It’s a stretch but Newbigin is a former missionary so I’m going count it.




Christianity & Liberalism by J. Gresham Machen:

It’s Machen— Do I need another reason?

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