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What I’m Reading In October & Why

Here’s What I’m Reading In October & Why

Every year, I eventually get to the point where I’ve read everything that I put on my list back in January. This works for me in two distinct ways:

  1. My Reading goals for the year have several layers of success and success (for me) in those things breeds renewed vigor in pressing on.
  2. It would be absurd to think that I haven’t bought an entire shelf full of books between January and now. And creating space in my reading list for “Books-To-Be-Named-Later” serves a functional purpose that’s simultaneously a geeky sports reference. And in my world, that’s what we call a Win/Win.


So, here’s what I’m reading in October and Why.



Risk is Right by John Piper

This short little book is the October book on our church’s reading list. found here. You can knock this one out before you even have to get up and go to the bathroom. Piper discusses the call to make calculated risks for the cause of the gospel. He calls followers of Jesus to trust God’s goodness and believe His promises and we take steps of obedience to the things He’s called us to.




When the Darkness Will Not Lift by John Piper

I’ve been interested in learning more about depression and the Christian response to it for a while now. I have a handful of friends who are very open about their struggles and I want to be a better voice in their heart and life.




High Expectations by Thom Rainer

This is my leadership book for the month. My hope is to come out the other side as a better administrator.




Conversion by Michael Lawrence

This is one of the latest entries in the IX Marks series and I highly recommend them all. Super accessible and easy to hand off to someone who would like to understand a doctrinal issue better.




Paradigms in Conflict by David Hesselgrave

This is my missions books for the month.

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