Missions Photography

I believe that telling the story of what God is doing among the nations is important for two reasons.

  1. Because He is owed the expanded glory that telling His story will bring Him. Who He is and what He has done, will forever ring out in the heavens. So, let us start now.
  2. Because it’s impossible to not get wrapped up in the greatest story the universe will ever hear.

If we want more and more people to be swept up in this great story– To dedicate their lives to bringing the gospel to those who don’t know it yet, we must carry the responsibility of telling that story faithfully. Blogs are dedicated to words. Words can and should be crafted. But sometimes pictures speak in ways that words never could.

For the fame of God’s name, I want to see missions pictures done better.

So, I’m offering my help. I want to help you take better pictures. I want to help you understand what to look for and how to edit once you’ve got it. I want to help you understand what should be published and what should be deleted from your library because it doesn’t tell the story well. In short, I want you to be a great missions photographer.

I’d love to meet up with you before and/or after your trip. I’d love to maybe even take some pictures for you. Write me an email or give me a call. Because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.